Tom singing of the Kho Mu

Despite living a hard life in remote mountain areas, the Kho Mu have a rich cultural life that includes many musical genres. The most popular is Tom singing. The Kho Mu sing anytime ... Continue Reading →

The Vietnamese traditional wedding

The Vietnamese Traditional Wedding is totally different from American and Western style. It is one of the most important ceremonies in Vietnamese culture with influence from Confucian ... Continue Reading →

Culture of the Lo Lo on the Dong Van stone plateau

The Lo Lo, also called the Mun Di, Man Di, La La, O Man, or Lu Loc Man, live mainly in the northern mountain provinces of Ha Giang and Cao Bang. Although they are a small population ... Continue Reading →

The Festive in Vietnam

The festive and ceremonial activities have been preserved and promoted as the role of the living museums through which the typical cultural values of Vietnam have been demonstrated. Rain ... Continue Reading →

Three interesting Vietnamese traditional festivals you should join

Vietnam is a rich cultural country that fascinated me with many interesting festivals. That is the reason why I visit Vietnam every year to join these festivals to live in the cultural ... Continue Reading →
Visiting the Bat Trang pottery village

Bat Trang pottery old village in Vietnamese culture

Bat Trang pottery village is not only remembered as traditional village but also a cultural village, a distinctive destination of Hanoi Located in Gia Lam, the extramural district of ... Continue Reading →

Mong people with cultural diversity

Mong minority ethnic group in the northern upland province of Son La celebrates the New Year a month earlier than the country’s traditional Lunar New Year, or Tet. When mist and ... Continue Reading →

Nghe An seeks to preserve Vi-Giam folk singing

The central province of Nghe An is implementing a series of measures to preserve and promote the value of Vi-Giam folk singing, an intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Vi-Giam ... Continue Reading →