Recommended: Top 8 destinations in Vietnam

The Cu Chi Tunnel, Mekong Delta region, Phu Quoc, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Mui Ne, Ha Long and Sapa are seen as favourite destination for foreign tourists coming to Vietnam, according to ... Continue Reading →

International arrivals to Vietnam surge in January

More than 805,000 visits were made to Vietnam by international tourists in January, a 5.8% increase from last month and 12.3% surge from the same month last year, said the Vietnam National ... Continue Reading →

Top 15 random things that attract tourists in Vietnam

1. Street food Vietnam is famous for the unique cuisine with the perfect balance of five fundamental taste elements in the overall meal. Especially in the street, where in every corner ... Continue Reading →

Notes for Camping in winter

There are many young people choose to go camping in the cold winter for new experience and adventure. Eviva Tour Co., Ltd is pleased give a few tips for a wonderful winter camping trip. 1. ... Continue Reading →

Things to do in the Christmas time in Dalat

As a freelance photographer traveling all over the world, I find Da Lat is one of the most beautiful cities that is an ideal place to take photos, especially in December. It is so interesting ... Continue Reading →

The Vietnamese traditional wedding

The Vietnamese Traditional Wedding is totally different from American and Western style. It is one of the most important ceremonies in Vietnamese culture with influence from Confucian ... Continue Reading →

10 tips for traveling with pet

You want to take your pet with you to travel but you have some problems? Here are 10 tips from can help you to eliminate stress from your trip with your friend. 1. Make ... Continue Reading →

Vietnam Dos and Don’ts

DO’s Off the beach and outside of big city nightclubs, avoid short shorts and tops that reveal cleavage. Dress well when visiting pagoda. Knees and shoulders should be covered. Keep ... Continue Reading →

Hue Ginger Jam

Hue is famous for fruit jam. Vietnamese famous writer Hoang Phu Ngoc Tuong described Hue cuisine in details in his essays, particularly, Hue cuisine consists of ten kinds of dishes ... Continue Reading →

Market sessions in Ha Giang

Markets in Ha Giang always attract tourists because they are not just places for buying and selling, they are also meeting places for local ethnic minority people. Wearing colorful ... Continue Reading →