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Соусы и травы, чтобы умереть для

Vietnamese dipping sauce and a huge variety of fresh aromatic herbs are the soul of the country’s cuisine. A bowl of dipping sauce is almost always besides a Vietnamese meal. This ... Продолжить чтение →

верхний 10 туры во Вьетнам (часть 1)

From tasty street food in Hanoi to riding a motorcycle on curly mountain passes of Sapa, there’re tons of things for you in this beautiful Southeast Asian country. These are ... Продолжить чтение →
Вьетнам визы онлайн

Как избежать некоторых миноров Вьетнамской визы онлайн?

The number of visitor using visa on arrival to go to Vietnam is dramatically increasing in 2017. Однако, everything has two sides and Vietnam visa online is not exceptional. Вот ... Продолжить чтение →

аэропорт Ха Лонг Bay планируется открыть весной следующего года

The airport lies 31 miles from the famous bay and is designed to receive two million arrivals a year. If you’ve always fancied a trip to Ha Long Bay but are not a fan of road travel, ... Продолжить чтение →

верхний 4 Обязательно посетите лес в дельте реки Меконг во Вьетнаме

Imagine yourself on a rustic boat in the middle of a lush green world of a typical tropical forest, admire the very distinctive species you have never known of its existence. Come to ... Продолжить чтение →

Вьетнам советы путешествия: Пути, чтобы сэкономить деньги для экономных туристов

Vietnam is one of the most affordable travel destinations in Asia, where budget-conscious tourists can enjoy a wide range of activities, attractions, and local delicacies. Follow our Vietnam ... Продолжить чтение →

Pilot грант Вьетнамских электронных виз

The pilot grant of e-visa has been applied within 2 years since 1 февраль 2017 for foreigners from 40 countries in Asia, Europe and Americas. The border gates allowing foreigners to ... Продолжить чтение →

Муйне - идеальный отдых для любителей пляжных

If you are a beach lover without enough time during the weekend for long trips, Mui Ne in Phan Thiet City, one of the most beautiful beach destinations of Viet Nam, could be an ideal ... Продолжить чтение →

Изучение основного вьетнамского языка

It is a whole lot different and more challenging when you are visiting a land with a different dialect from yours. When travellers can’t make out the words or directions of a sign ... Продолжить чтение →

Кук Фыонг Национальный парк в тени бабочек

Coming to Cuc Phuong forest this season, visitors will have the floating feeling of walking in a fairyland with thousands of cabbage white butterflies flying in line. Продолжить чтение →
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