Vietnam visa online

How to avoid some minors of Vietnam visa online?

The number of visitor using visa on arrival to go to Vietnam is dramatically increasing in 2017. However, everything has two sides and Vietnam visa online is not exceptional. Here ... Continue Reading →

Ha Long Bay airport set to open next spring

The airport lies 31 miles from the famous bay and is designed to receive two million arrivals a year. If you’ve always fancied a trip to Ha Long Bay but are not a fan of road travel, ... Continue Reading →

Top 4 Must-visit Forests in Mekong Delta Vietnam

Imagine yourself on a rustic boat in the middle of a lush green world of a typical tropical forest, admire the very distinctive species you have never known of its existence. Come to ... Continue Reading →

Delightful March in Central Highlands

Located southwards in Vietnam plateaus including Kon Tum, Kon Plong, Kon Ha Nung, Playku, Mdrak, Dak Lak, Mo Nong, Lam and Di Linh make giant Central Highlands. With its unique natural ... Continue Reading →

My memorial holiday in Vietnam

Part 1 – The Southern I was resolved to encounter however much of Vietnam as could reasonably be expected amid my 1 month of go through the nation. My excursion began in Ho Chi Minh ... Continue Reading →

Visiting riverside Kim Lan pottery village in Gia Lam, Ha Noi

Lying on the banks of Red River, Kim Lan pottery village in Gia Lam district, Hanoi has a more than 1,000 year-history of making of ceramics. Source: Nhan Dan Continue Reading →

What’s the most expensive city of Vietnam?

Basing on Consumer price index (CPI) of the GSO. We surveyed general price level of 5 major cities: Hanoi, Hai Phong, Ho Chi Minh city, Hue and Da Nang with the base year is chosen ... Continue Reading →

How to save money when traveling

After a long day traveling, you calculate total the amount of money you have spent; then you are astonished that the amount you spent beyond your scheduled several times. Some notes ... Continue Reading →

Hoi An sells unique bamboo bikes

A man in the central province of Quang Nam has been making big money from building bamboo-framed bikes which have attracted many foreign customers. Vo Tan Tan, 38, whose father is ... Continue Reading →

Top 15 random things that attract tourists in Vietnam

1. Street food Vietnam is famous for the unique cuisine with the perfect balance of five fundamental taste elements in the overall meal. Especially in the street, where in every corner ... Continue Reading →