10 principles when traveling alone

Traveling alone is now a trend among youngsters who want to have the opportunity to explore themselves. Of course we also need to prepare carefully for both physical and mental challenges. When traveling alone, you must be more careful in everything from planning what to eat to how to move. Before packing your stuffs, please read our tips below with care.

principles when traveling alone

Principle 1: “Alone” does not mean “lonely”.

Many people think that traveling alone without friends are “lonely” and this kind of travel is only for people who have problems in their personal lives but it is actually not.

Traveling alone, you will have chance to make friends around the world; get acquainted with everyone on the trip, not only in the daily group of friend.
Traveling alone is always exciting experiences.

Principle 2: Safety first.

Top concern of everyone is safe. Be prepared to plan carefully for this.

If you are run out of cash, what you have to do? If you want to go more places than expected, what would you do to make yourself not to be “prey” for the unforeseen dangers? If you oversleep and miss train or car? What do you do when staying in unfamiliar place?

Find answers to these questions and make a plan. Let’s ask those who have experience about places you are about to go to as well as update important news. Make sure that no matter what happens, you still come home safely.

Principle 3: Make friends and asked the locals but do not trust anyone.

Look for opportunities to ask locals about everything related to where you are. Do not think that you have learned all the things you should know via Internet. Although locals will understand where you are but in reality, not everyone knows the correct information. Please check the important information for your journey by asking many local people about same information.

Principle 4: Be open to everyone but be careful with your personal information.

The most interesting point of traveling alone is circumstances will motivate you to get to know the world. Show you are open-minded, easy-going, fun and dynamic. If you can talk with a funny person in this journey, it will be fun.

But be careful when it comes to the personal information. Learn to know how to tell white lie . You can make up a story about yourself, your personality. This will make your life safer and easier. When asking for directions, do not show them it is only you go to a certain address. For example, “Can you show me the way to the museum? I need to meet a friend there.”

Principle 5: Consider the time.

You should establish a schedule include transit time (time of departure, arrival, transition), your stay (check in, check out), time to visit, sightseeing (time start / open, end / closed)… and have back- up plans if train, car is delay or late, always ask yourself before a situation occurs. If you are not sure about something, then don’t do it. Always remember to bring the necessary identification.

Principle 6: Be careful when spending apart from previous plans.???

The people who travel alone are usually familiar with the additional costs that the tour operator, travel services and hotel add to the bill. Additional fee may be in 25-100 % of the cost for the trip, which means you will have to pay the amount equal to the amount for a person to go along. However, there are ways to control extra charge.

You can register and specify package what you need to pay for additional amounts???. Tour operators will find the partner for you.

If you are flexible and ready to go at any time, you can save money by booking service in last minute. Many tour operator ready to reduce extra charge for customer who book service in last minute.

Principle 7: Be confident.

First, what you need to bring when going out alone is confidence. Nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed to ask . In contrast, the confidence will make you attractive and you can get some new friends.

Principle 8: Stay connected with your family.

You should use your phone or other digital media which can help you online any time and any place. If not, please find nearest internet shops.

Many young people like to travel alone and separate from family and friends at home but EVIVA TOUR VIETNAM advise you to “stay connected with your family”.

Principle 9: Beware.

Traveling alone means you have to protect for yourself. So beware of strangers. You can be open in conversation, but keep in mind that your new friend can also be a thief.

Principle 10: Feel the trip with your own way.

Traveling alone, you will not be influenced by the comments of partner, so feel the world with your own way.