10 tips for traveling with pet

You want to take your pet with you to travel but you have some problems? Here are 10 tips from TourVietnam.vn can help you to eliminate stress from your trip with your friend.

traveling with pet

1. Make sure your pet is ready for the trip. And you also have to make sure that your pet will follow your orders.

2. Help your pet gets familiar with suitcases or bags that you’re going to put them into. Open the bags, hide interesting things and toys to make the animal feel excited.

3. Choose a good and comfortable bag for your pet. Hang its food bags and a plastic envelope with a piece of paper wrote: “My name is … Let me eat” outside the bag. Distinguish your bag with stickers and ribbon to be able to recognize more easily.

4. Inside the bag, attach the identification tag with your address and telephone number as well as your address and telephone number at your destination.

5. Pack travel items for your pet with toys, food, pharmaceutical and health certificate.

6. If you take cat with you, bring one-time cage which available at the grocery or supplier for animals.

7. Ask your veterinarian about how your pet should eat before the flight. The answer will depend the age and size of the animal. Do not let your pet take some tranquillizer medication without your veterinarian’s advice. There are no airlines accept animals use tranquillizer.

8. Choose a continuous flight. If you go to a hot place, take the first flight of the day.

9. You should be the last person boarding on the plane to ensure that your pet has been in the luggage area.

10. Try to assess your little friend would react like. Just like people, some animals extremely sensitive to travel. You should not flight with “tempered” or “pregnant” animal.