Average Salary in Vietnam

Average Salary in Vietnam

Wage and salary in Vietnam are very dissimilar across occupations and contrast starkly between urban and rural areas. The average wage per person in Vietnam is around 3.2 million VND ($150) a month and differentiated by many factors.

Like many other economies in the world, the type of jobs firstly divides the salary level in Vietnam. The top professions that pay the highest salary are Mineral and Metallurgy (9.2million VND/month), Banking (7.6million VND/month) and Pharmacy (7million VND/month) while some other jobs like Textile or Food Industry workers only pay their labors with the wage from 2.1 to 2.3 million VND a month.

There is also a significant gap in salary between different positions in work; for example, the salary for the secretaries is often between 2 million to 2.5 million VND, while the wage for a CEO varies between 17 million and 20 million VND.

Additionally, the wage is distinguished between private and state-owned companies. Most state officers and employees has very low pay jobs, usually equal to 1/3 or 1/5, or even 1/10 the wage of the private officers in the same post, especially in some core professions such as education and medical care. The salary of the state officers in other industries like banking, petroleum or energy could be higher, but still not matched with the private sector employees.

There is also a growing preference towards working administrative tasks in foreign-owned company, which offer competitive rate of payment. However, due to the limited English skills and education quality, not many are able to successfully apply for the job.