Hara Express Train

When discussing about luxurious trains from Hanoi to Sapa, Hara Express Train should not be missed out. This deluxe train services has solely the abilities to provide 48 soft berths to the passengers, but the services and inner space of these carriages are exactly what is called “Art”. Natural high quality woods are paneled on almost every wall and doors of the train, accompanied with the harmonic light system to create a space of inspiration, glamour and enchantment. There are two main types of soft sleeper cabins offered by Hara Express, consisting of 2 berths VIP cabins and 4 berths standard cabins, which are superiorly furnished with elegant furniture and modern facilities like reading lights and pleasant beds to guarantee that the passengers experience the most comfortable and unforgettable moment when they travel with Hara Express train. The ticket fare on this train service is slightly cheaper than other deluxe trains with only USD 66-138 per ticket.

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Hara Express Train Photo:

Hara Express Train

Hara Express Train Ticket Costs:

* A Hara Deluxe wooden 4 berths cabin at US$ 65 for one person for return
* A Hara Private Deluxe 2 berths cabin at US$ 134 for one person for return
* A Hara VIP 2 berths cabin at US$ 137 for one person for return