How to save money when traveling

After a long day traveling, you calculate total the amount of money you have spent; then you are astonished that the amount you spent beyond your scheduled several times. Some notes from will help you to enjoy your holiday within your budget

How to save money when traveling

Using credit cards

When shopping abroad, instead of paying cash, you should use a credit card for payment.

Some restaurants and hotels in foreign countries often have few ways to get more money from you. For example, instead of giving your bill is calculated directly in the currency of that country, they will calculate the value of the item in dollars; then convert it into their currency. Meanwhile, the exchange rate between the dollar and the currency of the country you travel to is much higher than the bank rate.

Therefore, you must always check carefully before signing the bill. This will help you save a lot of money.

Passport checking

Before planning a trip, you should check your passport’s expiry date.

Many countries require passport holders to have a minimum of six months of validity left on their passport from the date of entry into the country. Therefore, you should check it out and spend a certain time to renew your passport.

And remember; do not forget your passport at home!

Save money on phone calls

A lot of people have to pay unexpected bills for phone calls before leaving the hotel. They have to pay three to four times higher than a normal call. So before you decide to use the phone to call home, you should carefully check charges rate.

To minimize the cost of the phone, you should only make and receive calls really necessary. Also, buy Sim cards overseas to call home is also a way to control and cost savings.

Buying insurance

Consider to buy insurance when you book the trip. If you travel abroad, you can choose to purchase international travel insurance. As for the case of long-term work overseas or travel frequently between countries, international health care insurance is the most suitable type.

The price of the insurance depends on the time you stay abroad. You can buy in the local insurance company or the tour operator as Eviva Tour Vietnam.