King Express Train

This is also another superior train services to Sapa with deluxe decoration and remarkable services. King Express trains are classically paneled with elegant wooden furniture and enchanting light system which generates an atmosphere of nobility, coziness and refreshment to train passengers.

King Express Train Photos:

King Express Train-2 King Express Train

Each berth cabins normally has 4 bedrooms with high quality and clean pillow and blanket, but on VIP deluxe cabins, the number of berths is diminished to only 2 to create larger and more comfortable space to passengers. All cabins are adequately furnished with modern amenities and additional items like fresh flowers and drink, but the minus point to those cabins is that there is no TV equipped with cabin’s facilities.

Bathroom cabin is located at the end of the cabin with hygienic toilet and lavabo to ensure the safety of the guests. Staff team on King Express train is intimate and enthusiastic to serve guests, and they are also pretty helpful to support the customers when they demand.
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King Express Train Ticket Costs:
* Private Deluxe 2 berths cabin: US$ 148 for one person for return ticket
* Deluxe wooden 4 berths cabin: US$70 for one person for return ticket
* Business 4 berths cabin: US$ 62 for one person for return ticket