Learning the basic Vietnamese language

It is a whole lot different and more challenging when you are visiting a land with a different dialect from yours. When travellers can’t make out the words or directions of a sign they would ask some locals. And although, we may still reach an understanding by using the English language, not all locals in Vietnam are fluent or can understand thorough English language. Thus, getting to know the basic Vietnamese language is a great help to make your trip is less with interpretation and more of an understanding. It may also come in handy when buying stuff and most importantly, making reservations.

HelloXin chao (sin chow) and GoodbyeTam Biet (tam byet)

This is the best introductory and a polite ending to any conversation. Not only that, when partnered with a gentle bow, this may be a way to show respect or gratitude to the locals.

My name isToi la (toy la)

This always come in handy when you just arrived and about to take your reserved room. And when you are meeting someone for the first time, they would be impressed that you have introduced yourself in Vietnamese language.

Thank youXin Cam on (sin gahm un)

If there is one word you should always remember when you are in Vietnam, it is how to say ‘thank you’. When you are using the Vietnamese language when thanking someone from the local, it more felt and appreciated.

YesVang (vung) and NoKhong (khome)

There may also be instances when a local understands a bit of English language but find it difficult to speak. Thus, when you ask something and they say one of these words, you now know the answer to your question.

Excuse me/Sorry Xin loi (sin loy)

This is very useful when you want to catch someone’s attention or have done something wrong and would want to apologize. Either way, just like ‘Aloha’ in Hawaii, make sure that you use the word in a correct manner.

Can you help me?Ban giup toi duoc khong? (ban zoop thoy duc khom)

This is the golden word for many of the travellers who’s lost in a foreign land. Make sure that before you even land in the airport of Vietnam, you have memorized that phrase. This phrase never failed to be a life saver for any tourist in Vietnam.

GoodTot (thote) and BadKhong tot (khome thote)

What better else to know if you have done something wrong than asking them yourself. This is also useful when you are uncertain on what to do and asks an assistance from a local.

How much?Bao nhieu (bow nyew)

Vietnam is not only rich in majestic scenery but it also home of colorful fabrics and various handicrafts which is always a good souvenir.

HotelKhack San (khack san)

When you are having difficulty to find your hotel, just say this magic word along with the name of the hotel to the taxi cab driver and you’ll be on your way.

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