Livitrans Express Train

This is a new train services that was established by the two state-own corporations which are National Coal and Mineral Industry Corporation and Vietnam Railway Corporation. It is also considered one of the most deluxe train services on the route to Sapa. This is also one the broadest train services on Hanoi – Sapa railway with the capacity to accommodate more than 350 passengers under 9 carriages. The carriages are wood-paneled with modern style and decorated with ingenious furniture identically with a luxurious 4- stars hotel on land. Each carriage possesses 6-7 private cabins, including one hygiene private bathroom, and on each cabin, modernly standardized facilities like LCD TV, clean berths and air conditioner are available for guests to make their trip onboard to be more convenient and remarkable. Meal and bar services are also offered on a sole carriage of the train at which the passengers are able to have delicious and hot dishes under intimate and cozy atmosphere. Livitrans Train is travelling daily with the price from USD 70 to USD 159 per ticket for round trip.

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Livitrans Train Photo :

Livitrans Express Train-2 Livitrans Express Train

Livitrans Train Ticket Costs:

* A Livitrans Deluxe wooden 4 berths cabin at US$ 69 for one person for return
* A Livitrans Private Deluxe 2 berths cabin at US$ 138 for one person for return
* A Livitrans VIP 2 berths cabin at US$ 158 one pax for return

* Hanoi at 20:35pm to Laocai at 5:00am
* Laocai at 19:30pm to Hanoi at 4:30am