Shopping in Halong Bay

Night market in Bai Chay

Shopping in Halong Bay could be a fantastic experience despite of limited options for visitors. Night market in Bai Chay town should be mentioned firstly. There is a collection of open air stalls that sell enormous types of traditional products including chopsticks, ceramic tea sets and conical hats. Remember to make a bargain as traders often quote prices by 30-50 % more than original ones.

To foreign travelers, it could be a surprise for them when seeing local people selling products on a small boat. Such floating convenience stores can catch your eyes immediately when you are on junk boat tours in Ha Long Bay. Visitors could buy drinks, chewing gums, fruits and vegetables, biscuits and snacks when enjoying the lively life. How fascinating it is!

When traveling to Ha Long bay, you should not miss the chance to visit Ha Long market. Situated at the central of Ha Long city, the market is popular for its fresh and cheap seafood. Especially, you can taste some delicious Vietnamese fast food such as hot squid ball. Mong Cai market is also a worth sightseeing place. Goods sold in the market are mainly from China, ranging from fruits, fabrics, clothes to high-tech products.

Far different from the above markets, Binh Lieu market is located in the highlands of Quang Ninh province. Most of traders there are from ethnic groups called “Tay”, “San Chi”, “Dao” and agricultural products are their main trading goods, for example rice, corn or oils of cinnamon, anise, especially forest honey. More interestingly, sellers will not sell their products until purchased prices are exactly what they are expected in advance.