Solo Women Travellers in Vietnam

Vietnam, a tranquil and welcoming country, presents no specific safety concerns for female travelers. However, it is worth acknowledging that women in other nations, particularly in the West, enjoy a multitude of freedoms that may seem like distant dreams to Vietnamese girls. While this should not discourage women from exploring the exotic wonders of Vietnam, it is recommended that they adhere to a few simple tips to ensure a safe and extraordinary journey in this Asian gem.

Kayack in Halong Bay, Vietnam
Kayack in Halong Bay, Vietnam

Tip #1 – When it comes to clothing, it is advisable to embrace the local fashion. Vietnamese people do not adhere strictly to traditional or religious dress codes in their daily lives, so there is no need to feel pressured to wear something exotic or unfamiliar. Nevertheless, it is important to note that Vietnamese women, particularly those residing in rural areas, tend to dress conservatively and modestly. By following suit, female travelers can easily integrate into the community and foster a sense of respect. Moreover, when visiting sacred places and national monuments, it is best to avoid wearing shorts and casual beer T-shirts, even on scorching hot days (refer to our comprehensive guide on Shopping Tips for Clothing and Accessories in Vietnam).

Tip #2 – Solo women travelers may unwittingly become targets for pickpockets, bag snatchers, and fraudsters. While petty crime is diminishing in Vietnam, it still occurs in crowded areas such as markets, bus stops, and railway stations, as well as certain no-go zones. Nonetheless, most tourist destinations in Vietnam are considered safe havens (consult our Guide to Scams and How to Avoid Them for further insight). Taking basic precautions is essential. Constant vigilance over your belongings, including luggage and bags, is crucial. Opting to stay in higher-end hotels can offer an added layer of security, allowing you to leave your valuables, passports, visas, and credit cards safely stored while venturing outside. It is also wise to avoid carrying excessive amounts of cash.

Vietnam beckons to solo women travelers with its enchanting allure and hospitable locals.

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