Son Doong Cave in Vietnam called among places “dream of world”

Bored Panda, a website for art, design and photography community, just released a list of 30 heavens on earth including Son Doong cave, the world’s largest cave in central Vietnam.

SongDoong Cave-2

The list of “unbelievable places” or “dream of world” received 175 submissions and Son Doong, or Mountain River, has been voted by many readers, ranking at number 8.

“These out-of-this-world photos will make you feel like you’re on another planet,” said the post on the site, which was started in 2009 to provide a platform for artists to turn their stories into viral content.

Son Doong contains at least 150 individual grottoes, a dense subterranean jungle, several underground rivers.

It became known as the world’s largest cave in 2009, stretching five kilometers long, 150 meters high and 200 meters wide.

A local man discovered the cave for the first time in 1991 and British excavators helped put it on the world map.

The cave just won more global fame recently after breathtaking images of it appeared on the US popular talk show “Good Morning America” last week.

Coming first in Bored Panda’s list of exotic destinations is Glowworms Cave, which looks like a starry night sky in New Zealand, followed by Tianzi Mountains in China, Pamukkale (cotton castle) in Turkey, and Emerald Ice on Baikal Lake, Russia.

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