Travelling on train in Vietnam

Guide books and tourist bureaus occasionally refer to as the Reunification Express trains between Hanoi and Saigon, though in recent times there are various trains in this particular course and this name is not formally carried by any single train. During the last decade the Hanoi-Saigon train service constantly enhanced and in recent times there are a wide array of day-to-day air conditioned trains linking a great solution to travel between these cities, Hanoi, Hue, Danang, Nha Trang & Saigon.

train in Vietnam

All these trains run daily except SE8 trains SE7 & which only run at busy periods. Train fares in Vietnam are not expensive, and sleeper trains save on the cost of cabs in addition to hotel bills to & from airports manner outside the cities they serve. Fares for the SNT trains are about the same, fares for the slower TN trains are not significantly more expensive. Yes, no. It’s not possible to purchase an open ticket and catch on and off trains as a booking is required by all trains.

In the event you are reserving for the same day or the next day, you may find the top quality SE trains complete, but other slower trains could have berths available, or maybe you’ll locate the soft sleepers complete, but tough sleepers still accessible, so be ready to be flexible. In case you would like to pre-book some or all your trains before you get to Vietnam, you can purchase tickets online at

Trains are not idle, but except at peak vacation times including Tet, if you book a day or two ahead you’ll normally find tickets available, even when your first selection of train or class is sold out. Custom made tours: In case you would like a train journey pro to organize your entire trip for you, with stopovers, trains, resorts, transactions and flights all sorted, train journey specialist www. A trolley service boils down the train offering coffee, snacks, carbonated drinks and beer, and at main meals times an associate of the train staff may sell you a main meals ticket for around 35,000 dong.

Relaxing in a soft sleeper on the Reunification Express is quite convenient. In the most modern automobiles used on the SE-numbered trains, you’ll find power sockets in the wall for charging cameras or cellular telephones.