Trekking in Vietnam

Famous for its enchantingly wild nature and diverse culture, Vietnam is chosen as a favorite trekking destination by many tourists. However, the tropical climate with a lot of rain, high temperature and humid atmosphere may require travellers to be very well-prepared in order to enjoy their trip to the fullest. Here is a quick glimpse of what you ought to know before you trek.

Trekking tour in Vietnam

Packing Tips

There are many indispensable items that one will need to have in his backpack:

  • Light and long clothes exclusively for trekking which is waterproof and able to prevent insects for crawling into his body (unless you are more afraid of sweating that getting bitten);
  • Light pyjamas made of soft fabric;
  • Long socks; scarf; hat; on-the-job protection gloves;
  • Other personal stuff like toothbrush, facecloth, shampoo and soap.
  • Mosquito repellant and sunscreen
  • Raincoat, hiking boots, personal knife and torch.
  • Food used for trekking is normally canned or easy to cook, long-preserved and nutritious like dry provisions, dried meat, instant noodles, coffee and vitamins. Some junk food is also very handful and should be stored in the most accessible part of the backpack.
  •  Acopy of the itinerary, the map of the trekking area, MP3 player and a GPS navigation device will solve all the problems of getting lost.
  •  Asmall notebook with a pen attached and a camera will save all the interesting moments of the trip.
  •  A personal medical bag is also very essential, as one can easily get sick in the unfamiliar climate. Crucial medicines include ones for diarrhea, chill, sunstroke, headache, insects’ bites, and allergy. You should also bring adequate dose of medication if you have any.
  •  A mini set of useful tools like can-opener, a pair of pincers, scissors and a set of needle and thread will complete the preparation for a trekking trip.

On the way

After packing, now you should be ready to set off. There are a few other tips to have a safe and exciting journey that you should keep in mind.

Trekking in group will be great, as people can help each other in case of problems, especially when crossing the river, stream, or in dangerous parts of the road; therefore, exploring the tropical jungle alone is not advisable.

Do not drink water or eat things that can be found in the forest for safety reason. Travellers had better spend their nights in the local villages or camping near the reside area, where they can purchase fresh food or have meals with the natives.

Researching carefully official map as well as the trekking’s area terrain, estimating the distance and watching the weather forecast so that the plan will be best fitted for people’ capacity. And one last thing, do not forget identity card and permission paper when trekking to the border’s area or natural reserves.