Vietnam Weather in October

In terms of weather, October is said to be the best months to travel in Vietnam. In the North, the weather has cooled off for the most part and leaves are changing colors to yellow. The temperature is mild and the air is dry. In the Central provinces such as Hue, Da Nang and Hoi An, the rain becomes the norm but it does not dilute the beauty of this region. In fact, Hue drizzle has become a source of inspiration for many generations of poets and artists. In the South, the temperature remains steady, ranging from 24 to 31 Celcius degree with significantly less rain compared with previous summer months.

What to expect if you travel to Vietnam in October

October 10th is a major celebration in Hanoi. On that same date in 1010, Kinh Ly Cong Uan chose Hanoi as the capital and the city has marked that point to count its birth date, boasting its rich culture and history that have been developed for over a thousand year.

Besides that, October is a rather calm month. Vietnamese do not celebrate Halloween though the young still try to catch up, not by asking around “Treats or cheats” but by shopping for masks and costumes for party. Like September, it is safe to check the weather forecast in advance. Many storms are imminent to flood into the coastal area, which may hold off your trips for days or even weeks.
* October 10: Hanoi’s Liberation Day
* October 20: Vietnam Women’s Day
* October 31: Halloween

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