Vietnam Weather in September

The first half of September may see another rise in temperature throughout the country. Rainfall ceases in Hanoi and the North but increases in Centre and South. With the rain, however, the climate in places such as Hue, Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh City are much more pleasant than it was during the summer months. Check the weather before you head to the coast: it is a month for storms and sometimes typhoons.

What to expect if you travel to Vietnam in September

Like February, September is another month for both political and cultural events. September the 2nd is the national independence day, with national flags hung on all streets, parades happening in major boulevards and speeches seen all over TV channels. Many veterans treat this occasion with honour and a time to reflect on the triumph over French colony and subsequent wars. Younger generations take it as a holiday opportunity to visit families and friends or travel around. For foreign tourists, it is a great opportunity to see how the day is celebrated in Vietnam.

September is also a great month if you travel in a family with kids. The second half of the month is when Full-moon celebration is often celebrated. Traditionally, it is a time for farmer to celebrate a fruitful harvesting season with their families. Nowadays as more and more migrate to the city, they took with them this tradition but more for the children. They would line up, gather some music tools such as drums and whistle and parade around their neighbourhood. The final destination would be a yard on the ground or on top of some one’s house where they can eat grapefruits, green rice (com), moon cakes while enjoying the beauty of the moon. In 2014, the Fullmoon celebration falls on September 8th. If you are in Hanoi, head to Hang Ma Street to see how colourful toys and lanterns are displayed for sale. In Ho Chi Minh City, the Cho Lon area would be the equivalence.

If you have the opportunity, visit Sapa during this harvesting season. The terraced rice field is more lively than any other time of the year and many farmers come out to harvest, wearing non la if they are Kinh and colourful clothes if they are Hmong or Dzao.

* September 2: Vietnam Independence Day
* September 8 (2014): Mid-Fall Festival

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