Vietnam’s Border Opening Roadmap for tourism and Vietnam International Flights Schedule during COVID-19 pandemic

Vietnam charter flights

Vietnam’s roadmap to open its border for tourists

From Jan 1, 2022, Vietnam resumed commercial international flights to 09 highly safe countries and territories, including Beijing/Guangzhou (China), Tokyo (Japan), Seoul (the Republic of Korea), Taiwan, Bangkok (Thailand), Singapore, Vientiane (Laos), Phnom Penh (Cambodia), San Francisco/Los Angeles (the United States).

From Jan 15, 2022, Vietnam reopened commercial international flights to 06 more countries and territories, including Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Hong Kong, Paris (France), Frankfurt (Germany), Sydney (Australia), Moscow (Russia).

After these 2 stages, Vietnam is now considering the full opening of the Vietnam border for tourism.

There are now 3 types of international inbound flights to Vietnam, including: Commercial flights, Charter flights, and Expert flights.

Vietnam commercial international flights

Vietnam commercial international flights are available for:

  • Vietnamese citizens
  • Those with a valid Vietnam 5-year visa, Visa Exemption Certificate, TRC (Temporary Residence Card), PRC (Permanent Residence Card)  (applied to overseas Vietnamese, spouse and child of a Vietnamese citizen or overseas Vietnamese)
  • Experts, business managers and investors with a valid entry permit from the Vietnam Immigration Department.

This is the schedule of International flights to Vietnam in the coming time by Vietnam Airlines:

  • Singapore – HCM city: 01 flight/ week (every Wednesday)
  • Singapore – Hanoi:  01 flight/ week (every Friday)
  • Thailand: Bangkok- HCM city: 02 flights/ week (every Wednesday & Saturday)
  • Laos: Wattay – Hanoi:  02 flights/ week (every Wednesday & Sunday)
  • Cambodia: Phnom Penh – HCM City: 04 flights/ week (every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday)
  • Taiwan: Taipei – Hanoi: 01 flight/ week (every Tuesday)
  • South Korea: Incheon – Hanoi: 02 flights/ week (every Thursday & Saturday)
  • Japan: Narita – HCM city: 02 flights/ week (every Thursday & Sunday)
  • USA: San Francisco – HCM City :  02 flights/ week, Every Wednesday & Sunday

Vietnam charter flights

Charter flights are available for:

  • Vietnamese citizens
  • Those with a valid Vietnam 5-year visa or Visa Exemption Certificate (applied to overseas Vietnamese, spouse, and child of a Vietnamese citizen or overseas Vietnamese)
  • Foreign tourists. (Tourists will be issued with a 30-day visa for Vietnam and can only travel within the assigned destination.Tourists wishing to visit relatives outside the assigned destinations: (only for those who registered for a 7+ days tour): your relative must complete a NA5 form with signature by the competent authority, and you must secure a written registration with the organizing unit).

Vietnam expert flights

Vietnam expert flights are available for foreign experts, business managers, and investors entering Vietnam for work.

These people must have a sponsor company and are required to have a valid Vietnam entry permit from the Immigration Department.

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